Computer Problems in Townsville

Computer Problems arise all the time. Sometimes they can be software, sometimes hardware and yes a lot of the time human error.

What ever your problem Townsville computer repairs can help. A lot of error we also find today are due to viruses or bad software. Most people have antivirus but that alone is not good enough to protect us 100%.

Human beings are curious and on the internet we are know different. We are under a false sense of security when sitting in our living rooms, but thats when we are most vulnerable.

Also, computers do not like heat. Being so hot in Townsville and Queensland we see a lot of heart related problems such as motherboards dying, and computers running very slow.

During the hotter months when we sometimes get rain there is a lot of moisture in the air. The wet its in everywhere and the moisture even gets in the power supply unit (PSU) and fries everything from your board to hard drive.