Cryptowall and why you should back up

We think it will never happen to us.  Or, I am well behaved on the computer and don’t go into doggy sites so the chances of me being affected are much less.

Usually when we get a virus on our computer, most of the time anyway the virus can be removed and all can go back to normal.  But this is not always the case.

I want to introduce to a little known nightmare by the name of Cryptowall.  Some of you might have already ready heard of it and for those who haven’t prey you never get it on your computer.

And although it looks, seems and acts like a virus, it certainly is not. It is malicious in nature but it does not replicate itself like a virus.

Ransomeware Townsville Computer Repairs

Cryptowall is in fact ransomware.  Like the name describes, ransomware is software on your computer which holds you to ransom and until you pay them.

Some ransomware locks you out of your computer and others are simply all talk.  But this little beauty seeks and searches out files which are important to you like documents, home photos and movies and simply encrypts them and makes them unusable.

What happens next is up to great debate but the software insists if you pay $500 to a bitcoin account, they will send you a key to unlock your files.  Most reports online suggest after you send them money no one has ever been sent a key.

So what can you? And the answer is very little.  You can remove the bad software form your computer which will stop more files from being infected, but it wont release your existing locked encrypted files.

To put it another way, you have removed the bullet but the wound still exists.

Which brings us back to restoring old files and good old fashioned backups.

Most people don’t back up and yes I am guilty of not doing it as much as i should also.  Most people don’t realise the importance of backing up until it is too late, which is… umm too late!

Not all of these ransomware programs are as bad as this one.  Most we are able to recover the files from but this is a particularly nasty variant. Our best advice to to take care of the problem before it becomes a problem.

Back up, keep you updates updated and if all else please gives Townsville computer repairs a call.