Don’t trust emails even from people you know

A common problem where I see a lot of people picking up malware, viruses spyware on their computer is from emails.

Most of us are aware of the getting into a car with a stranger mentality and we apply the same tactics to email also. However, where most of our customers are really getting into trouble is answer and opening legitimate emails from people we actually know.

Townsville Computer Repairs Virus

Townsville Computer Repairs Virus

Every day we are bombarded with emails of all types from people wanting us to buy their products, use their service or just to keep in contact with you and keep them at the back of your mind.

There are certain destructive types of software out there called Viruses and annoyances in the form of Worms and Trojans.

I quick description;

• Trojan Horse: Unlike a virus a Trojan don’t not duplicate or copy itself, however it can be very troublesome.

A Trojan works under the guise of being something else such as an antivirus program, plugin for your browser etc. But really it has ulterior motives and destructive objectives.

• Worms: Worms contain malicious payloads and use your email to deliver them.

Worms are in which the problems reside. We are aware form an early age not to talk to strangers but what about the people we already know and trust.

And that is how worms take advantage of you. A worm has infected someone you already most likely know. The worm attaches itself to their email software and then sends itself out to all that persons contacts (someone you know) and you receive it thinking I can trust this sender.

Once you open the attachment and execute the worm, it most likely does the same thing to your email and you unknowingly infect all your contacts. It’s a vicious circle!

Worms can deliver all sorts of problems to your computer. From small annoyances and advertising, to spying on what you do and recording bank account details or other important profitable information.

A lot of these problems come out of third world countries where there are many less fortunate people looking for anyway to survive and little to no authorities.

Fortunately most of these viruses, worms, malware and spyware can easily be removed. Some can be done manually and others require specific software.

It used to be viruses that were the biggest problem. In extreme cases a viruses could destroy your computer and all your data, which was pretty bad to begin with.

But, with the ever-increasing threat of spyware, you are now susceptible to much bigger problems like someone getting access to your bank account or someone using your identity and credit cards.

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