Gimp is a simple free tool for image editing

People often ask me what program I use to edit photos and images in general.

Most people expect me to say Adobe Photoshop.   And, although I love Photoshop and it is the industry standard for a reason; I don’t use it.

What I use is a simple free little program by the name of Gimp. (Download Here).

I know what you are thinking, if it’s free there must be a catch or it cant be much chop.  But if its a small, light weight image editing program you are looking for which works on just about any type of computer, Gimp is for you.

Gimp is a free photo editor

I have been using Gimp for over 7 years now (this images on this site where made with Gimp) and I think its fantastic.

No, it might not have all the bells and whistles Photoshop has that the professionals in magazines and newspapers will need.  But for the average user, myself included, Gimp is Awesome.

There are plenty of tutorials online for you to use, specifically on YouTube.

Gimp is part of the Open Source community. Here is a link to understand what Open Source means, but basically it means a lot of people have gone into developing Gimp for free, plain and simply because they enjoy doing it.  Which also makes it very secure and bug free.

Gimp will not and can not replace Photoshop for the professional users, but it comes close.

Because it is open source there are also a lot of plugin available for free on the net for you to use.  A plugin is a little bit of software you can add to your existing setup which adds additional features, making your life a lit simpler.

Here are some great plugin for you to use with gimp.

Here are 10 reasons why I like Gimp:

  1. Its free.  And with good reason.
  2. Its small, fast to download and doesn’t use all my data usage every time I need to upgrade.
  3. Its much easier on my system and doesn’t slow it down at all.
  4. Developed by a large amount of very smart people.
  5. Simple and easy to use.  Not complicated.
  6. Automation through batch processing makes repetitive tasks quick and easy.
  7. Handles just about all file formats including Photoshops native PSD file.
  8. Upgrades are free.
  9. Keyboard shorts cuts make using Gimp simple.
  10. Its portable and can be used from a USB drive to access and use on the go.

Most people use Gimp for photos reconstruction, simple editing and enhancement. I use it for all my web site development work and to tell you the truth it is more than I need.