Laptop Information

I do just about everything form my laptop. Except for hardcore 3D gaming, a laptop can do everything a desktop computer can and more.

The best part about my laptop is I am able to take it everywhere with me from Cafes to customers houses and business locations. But with the ability to be so mobile comes the bumps, scrapes and breaks.

The biggest problem we see with laptops is hard drives. Hard drives are very sensitive and sometimes the slightest bump is enough to ruin them and with it all your information. It doesn’t happen a lot, but if you have a laptop and you are mobile with it, its good to always backup and important information you need.

Also because laptop are quote small and tightly contained, they do not get as much airflow as a your desktop computer so they get quite hot. Keeping your laptop in a cooler area will always help it from overheating and you can even buy heat pads to put them on.

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