Townsville Services – Call 0402 807 890

Townsville Services – Call 0402 807 890

Hi, my name is Ross Rudall and I one of Townsville’s longest serving computer repair technicians.

I live, breathe, eat and sleep computers and information technologies. If i can’t fix your computer problem, no one can.

Desktops and Laptops/Notebooks/Netbooks

My personal specialty. The people at Townsville Computer Repairs are experts in just about everything computer and computer network related. But personally I prefer nothing more than coming into peoples homes and fixing computer and laptops. If there is something wrong with your computer, you can bet I have seen it before and I have fixed it before.

Data, Backups and Recovery

Your security, data and information should be your number one priority regarding your home and business computing needs. We at Townsville Computer Repairs understand your needs and appreciate the sensitivity of your data and information.

We have data protection solutions to meet all your home and business needs. We can provide security as well as data recovery to your computer and external hard drives.

Internet and Networking

Internet and computer networks are so affordable these days it is very hard to find a home and business without it. With so much technology at your finger tips comes so much responsibility. Most web and network solutions providing by the big communication companies come straight out of a box and aren’t configured to run properly in your home or on your network.

We can help you set up your network, configure your existing device or simply secure your existing connections.

We can also help you with you Linux or Apple devices and computers.