Computer Problems due to Power Issues

After many years working in Townsville, Melbourne and the Gold Coast I have noticed one irrefutable fact. Power supply issues relating to computer damage is significantly higher in Townsville than down south.

I don’t know exactly why, but problems with computers in Townsville due to power damage is much higher than down south. Power problems to your computer can include motherboard and hard drive damage, loss of data, power supply unit damage or central processing unit damage or malfunction.

What can you do?

Well for starters if your computer is exhibiting any of the above symptoms call Townsville Computer Repairs straight away on 0402 807 890. Not only can we repair the problems and damage, but we can also help in preventing further damage. Just because your computer is running slow or not at all doesn’t mean all your data is loss.

A good Power Supply Unit.

Having a good PSU (Power Supply Unit) in your computer (pictured above) can help and aid in protecting your computer from power problems such as surges and malfunction. Many computers are actually underpowered to run the applications and components contained within the computer they own. Having a good power supply unit can protect and maintain the life of your computer.

Surge Protectors.

Don’t under estimate the need for a good surge protector for the socket in the wall you computer is connected to. For the sake of $15 at any good electronic store you can protect the life and integrity of your computer quick and easily!

I hope these suggestions have helped you and please dont forget to call us on 0402 807 890 if you have any questions.