Troubleshooting and Patience

Troubleshooting Equals Patience

Troubleshooting is the art of patience and with computer repairs you need a lot of it. A lot of people think I am patient when trying to find out there problems with he computer.

But the truth is I am just use to doing things on the computer, things other people find stressful. Things I used to find stressful.

Troubleshooting computer townsville repairs

Troubleshooting your computer

When troubleshooting customers computers, we can quickly identify where to start with the problem by asking a few simple questions.

Questions 1: Have you installed any new software?

Installing new software should be nice and easy and not effect your computer. Unfortunately there are just too many companies out there making software for your computer.

The companies are separated my language and geography and they don’t talk between themselves making it easy for some software not to work with other software programs on your computer.

Question 2: Have you installed any new hardware?

Hardware is things like cd-rom drives and graphic cards, the physical components of your computer. Sometimes installing new hardware will conflict with existing software on your computer and need to be reinstalled.

Question 3: Have you had any electrical problems?

Power surges, faulty electrical equipment or even  other faulty devices in your home like toasters can affect your computer and cause electrical related damages and interferences on your computer and you home network.

Question 4: Have you recently moved house or rooms?

Every time I move house a fridge stops working. I don’t know what it is, but no matter how gentle I am, it happens. The same can happen with computers.

Whether it is a cable coming loose, a little shake or whatever, sometimes computers don’t like being moved. A few simple little tricks can sometimes het you back up and running after a recent computer move.

Question 5:  Have you recently seen any error messages?

Recent or reoccurring errors displayed on your computer come sometimes be an indication of what is going on in your computer. They are usually software related and are usually generic and hard to understand.

But if you can recall any computer errors we can sometimes use these diagnose and repair your problems.

Question 6: Have you had any virus warnings?

Most of the time people don’t know they have viruses on their computer but they know something is wrong.

Its not always clear to see but if you are having computer issues, things popping up on your screen, web pages taking you places you never asked to, or your simply locked out, you could have computer viruses.

Townsville computer repairs Troubleshooting

Most problems we are able to easily detect and repair pretty quickly and affordably. If you have any questions or any queries please just call us on 0402 807 890 to discuss it.

We don’t mind coming out for free to tell you wants wrong with your computer and give you a quote. You are under no obligation to accept our quote and if you don’t, it still wont cost you a cent!