Computer Virus Help in Townsville

Townsville computer repairs who do virus removal you have landed on the experts. We find the biggest virus threat in Townsville seems to be virus associated with media content.  That is, viruses which have accidentally been downloaded by the user while trying to listen, watch or play some sort of entertainment.

There are different types of viruses but the most prevalent seems to be malware in the form of spyware; virus removal we do of malicious software which tries to spy on you and record useful data for profit, such as credit cards, bank account username and passwords and Paypal etc.

Also, the people who event these things are getting smarter. They realise our guards are up and a lot of the virus removal we do has been put on their by the owner of the computer because they have downloaded an antivirus protector from the internet which actually turns out to be a virus itself.

Virus Removal Townsville

How we do Virus removal Townsville

There is not one shoe fits all for virus removal and everybody does it differently. We try to implement strategies which are both thorough and as fast as possible. Once we know exactly what we are dealing with the process because a lot faster and easier to protect against the next time.

1. Analysis

Finding out and understanding what sort of virus we are dealing with is crucial to the virus removal process. Different viruses target different parts of the computer and operations.  With literately millions of files on your computer it would be impossible to find and remove the needle in the haystack without knowing what it does, where it hides and what it does. Virus removal Townsville know all the latest viruses and where they hide.

2. Isolation

Once we know what type it is we isolate the drive to we can remove it while it is not functioning. Most of these viruses are busy working in the background and have processes in the place to stop you removing it. Isolating the system renders it useless and defenceless and then the virus removal Townsville team cant destroy it and make sure it is not running on your computer.

3. Start again

Once the Townsville virus removal process is finished we start again. We scan the drive and looks for the same and more viruses. Sometimes viruses will make repeat copies of itself and store them somewhere else on the hard drive. Again the hard drive having so many files it can be hard to find them all and know where they are. So virus removal Townsville will always consist of multiple scans, and removal.  Its never just one!

4. Test system and look deeper

Once I am sure the virus removal process is complete testing the system takes place. Just because we have removed the infection doesn’t mean the system automatically repairs itself. I guess its just like being stabbed with a sword. Once you remove the sword, doesn’t meant you are in the clear, you still need to repair the wound. This can take as much time as removing the virus, if not more.

Do the viruses get on my computer by themselves?

After the removal process has finished the first question I always get is, “Will the viruses come back”. The answer is a complex one and customers usually don’t like it.

I often tell them, its really up to them. The viruses virus removal townsville find aren’t alive, they are human made, computer generated code and all they appear to have a mind of their own they don’t. They follow a specific set of instructions made by human beings.

In most cases the user (owner of the computer or laptop) has downloaded the virus by mistake. And although some viruses can propagate to your computer through emails etc. We have found most have been downloaded by the user. And if the user has downloaded it once, they can do it again.

So my finial answer is yes it can come back and you must be a lot more careful what you look at, where you go and what you do. We often get click happy when on the internet but we really need to concentrate and question everything we click on!