Viruses Removal

Viruses, Spyware, Malware and Adware are real problems in Australia.

People are no longer just interested in hurting you and your computer, they now want to profit from you. We use to have all these angry and curious people making computer viruses to hurt other people. This still goes on, but a lot of it now it more for profit.

Spyware is a very effective way for criminals to spy on you and your computer and get important and valuable information like bank details, usernames and passwords.

Why would they want to hurt you when they can profit from you and thats what they are doing. Countries like Australia where we have so much and everybody has a computer, internet account and online banking makes us a real target for criminals and people who are desperate.

Criminals use to jump in through your windows to steal from you but now they realise there is a much easier way, over your telephone line.

But its not or doom and gloom. You use your computer every day and even though a lot of people don’t think they know a lot about computers, they do know about routine. Most of our customers intuitively know they have a computer virus or something wrong with their computers when things just don’t seem right.

Suddenly you are going to sites you never asked for, things are popping up on your screen and it just doesn’t feel right. If this is happening to you call Townsville computer repairs today on 0402 807 890. You could have a virus or spyware on your computer and it will cost you nothing to find out.

And it’s not just PC or computers with Microsoft Windows on it that suffer from viruses. A lot of people think Apple Mac computers do not get viruses, but that is wrong.

Although the Apple Operating System OSX is quote secure it is not bulletproof. Because Macs are a smaller market there are less viruses made and sent out over the internet for them, but that doesn’t mean they do not exist. We are even starting to see Spyware now on Mac computers, so no one is safe.

Antivirus programs do a very good job at stopping a lot of viruses, but not all. It os very good to have them on your computer but I tell all my customers to not solely rely on them alone. They are more like helmets on a motor bike; you’d be smart to wear one, but there is no guarantee they will always save your life.

A lot of getting computer viruses on your computer or laptop has to do with the person using the computer, what sites they go to and there habits. Criminals know this and infect sites where people can get things for free like music and video. They know your temptation is too strong… a lot of the time.